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The healthiest relationships are mutual and equal. We need to be attuned to the subtle dynamics of power that we assert in these relationships if we hope to create mutuality with those people we value


Executive Development

Executive Coaching

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As leaders advance in organizations, it becomes less about project management and more about people management. The current expertise of a leader increasingly requires an expansion of capacity and skills to deal with the rapid changes of organizational and global transformation. The way a leader motivates, manages and empowers others performance define who they are as leaders.


Underpinning these leadership horizons is a key message to BE HUMAN. 


The same skills that took you to one level might not take you to the next level and there is no blue-print for it. With COVID-19 our level of resilience and ability to flex to new paradigms of interaction is being tested. 


As a leader these days, you need to think/act and function within fast moving global economics, and the use of artificial intelligence and digitization. These impacts are being felt throughout ALL industries and institutions so what does it mean for you in your context? 


Sabreena partners with organizations and their C-suite executives on role transition, culture integration, career path acceleration and organizational transformation.  The aim is to address and maximize leadership potential, enhance targeted organizational objectives, manage systemic complexity, and identify and address areas for further leadership development


These themes are addressed in 6-9 month bespoke coaching programs custom designed to suit the profile of each senior level executive and/or hi-potential candidates. Central to the design is a transformative process that encourages leaders to recognize existing patterns that are no longer relevant to their leadership.  They are encouraged and supported to find their own solutions and innovate their current paradigms of reality so that they may succeed in the systems in which they work. 

Team Coaching


High-performing team cultures have an instant sense of group identity. Groups contain a diverse set of skills and personalities that are able to work together, leverage on each other’s strengths and align successfully towards a common outcome. 


Sabreena supports geographically intact and co-located teams to shift unconscious historical patterns that impact performance, split groups into subgroups and heighten conflict and reduce trust. We work with group dynamics and patterns behavior to create common ways of working that mutually serve leaders and their team. 

Resume Writing


Time is a commodity and employers spend very little time looking at an individual’s CV. Therefore, your resume needs to represent you at a glance, as it is your brand and calling card on a page. The verbiage on your cv/resume, linkedin profile and cover letter need to be professionally tailored so that it authentically reflects your personality and achievements. 


With a professional resume you are more likely to stand out amongst other applications and more likely to be invited to an interview. 

 What our clients say

“I found Sabreena really helpful and sensitive to my needs in the new role. She helped provide a critical sounding board. Being able to take a different stance and perspective to my point of view helps me to see the other side.”

Alex Tan, CEO,  DeutescheTelekom Asia Pte Ltd, Singapore

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